A remarkable fact to reflect on.  You are perfect.  

What we do in action, and what we consider in thought nevertheless, remain vulnerable to imperfection. And, it is for this reason that we often find ourselves living in a confused state of contradiction.  A state of contradiction whereby we strangely possess the capacity to surrender to the dangerous and ungrounded assumption that would say: we are simply a representation of our flawed character. Or, that we are not good enough similarly, that we need more. 

The alternative, and more appealing by far, is to consider our lives as being securely rooted in the grounded wisdom of having a perfected identity. 

It is through the completed work of Jesus that we overcome this contradiction, and we become liberated to live from our perfected identity. Nonetheless, this liberty does remain a choice, as we progress, or as we regress through the anticipated 35,000 decisions we will face today, and for our days ahead.

The challenge to our perfection is simple: decision and consequence. And how these two factors influence our navigation through life.

All this is possible. If we simply surrender—surrendering our flawed lives in exchange for liberation, realising our identity is perfected through Jesus. All the while, our character goes through the process of transformation. Living well within our temporal human body is a gift.

I hope to promote perfected living and offer an informed discussion with room for consideration, where through a dash of insight from my journeying, I aim to bring some level of vulnerability and personality to the flow of this book. 

Consider if you will, the beauty of living imperfectly perfect: the fatally flawed becoming confidently flawesome, through the love of the one who is Awesome.

Please join me on this journey of discovery and transformation.