Reader Reviews:

This a deep-dive into the big questions we all ask. Matthews probes some of the most perplexing questions in theology and the quest for self-understanding —Dr. Allan Demond (Author, Lecturer & Snr Pastor, NewHope)

I hadn’t intended to look through it this quickly but found it fascinating and insightful. I like the concept of the veils and your overall theological emphasis in this work —Aaron Simms (Author, Pastor, Publisher)

It’s truly a must-read book. —Billy Hallowell (Director of communications and content, Author, “The Armageddon Code”, “Fault Line”, and “Left Standing”)

An excellent book. He grapples with lots of different issues about God’s nature and character as well as who we are. I would highly recommend this book —Steve Goode (Author, International Director Mercy Ministries International)

The author suggests that our view of God is sometimes obscured by the lens of doubt, fear or entitlement causing us to think of God as angry, judgment al, or silent, which in turn distorts our view of ourselves —Chowdene Community Church

Brilliant and brave —Reviewer

This unique book makes the case that if we desire to have the fullness of identity, we need to have a clear view of God. An unveiled view —Reviewer

The author is brave and passionate about this subject. Difficult subjects are tackled well, and it is easy to read and clearly explained. Its strength is its simplicity —Reviewer

Your writing shows great maturity born from an in-depth study of God’s word and living among God’s struggling people. Please keep writing —Reviewer

Having just finished reading Matthews thought provoking book, I found that the book challenged my view of God and also who I am in Him. It’s an eye-opener and really making me think. The book is well worth a read —Reviewer

I just started the book, and I find it so interesting that I spend more time mulling things over in my mind and talking to God about it —Reviewer

It’s gutsy yet easy to read —Reviewer

I read your book, and I am about to read it again. It has opened doors of understanding for me. The issue of identity today has become extremely significant —Reviewer

This is a well researched and well-written book. Humans have many ideas about God, most of them are in error. Nicholas looks at the incorrect beliefs we follow that keep us from seeing God accurately. He calls them veils —Reviewer

Exceptional, challenging, and inspirational book! I can see myself on every page —Reviewer

Very thought-provoking book which is well worth a read – leaves the reader with much to think about —Reviewer

Tremendous and impactful. It really helps to understand the impact of identity —Reviewer

Great book, I found the thoughts, ideas, and revelations impactful, which has greatly enriched my spiritual life and relationship with God —Reviewer

Amazing book! Such a key issue. Well written & thought-provoking, containing surprises I hadn’t thought of or considered! —Reviewer

I can confidently state your work was found to be a thought-provoking read, tackling issues of great importance and sensitivity, and conveying a positive message —Reviewer

Reading the chapter on the Suffering God – an eye-opener. Really making me think —Reviewer

This read is definitely an interesting one to say the least —Reviewer

Very thought-provoking —Reviewer